I’ll be starting the passport process in March of 2020, hopefully it goes well. In the meantime please enjoy my journey wishlist. Also it goes without saying when invited to travel to these areas 5 star accommodations and 4 to 5 star restaurants are expected. Thanks in advance my loves for being courteous. 

I am happy to takeover and make our plans should you be a gentleman who hates maneuvering that part of things. I am happy to plan our restaurants, hotel plans etc and send you the itinerary for your approval. You are responsible for the cost of all fun and also my fee. 

Fly me to you packages start at a base rate of 1,500.00 (USD) This does not include airfare or accommodations. You are also responsible for those costs. 


Things you and I can do together when I visit Chicago that would make my trip:

Navy Pier 

Food Truck Parks

5 star Deep Dish Pizza Restaurants

Authentic Italian Restaurants

The Art Institute of Chicago

Millennium Park

And of course.. Shopping.

5 star hotel accommodations are expected. 


Washington DC

( Okay so I am originally from the DMV and am familiar with home, but I have been away a long time and I am sure things have changed so let’s try these)


Smithsonian Museum ( I love going there all the time)

The monuments

Shopping in Bethesda

The New Casino

The Pier

5 star steakhouses

5 star hotel accommodations expected.


I have visited Miami once and will be going again in February. Here’s a list of things we can enjoy should you invite me to Miami.


South Beach Shopping

The Old Versace Mansion ( yes I know it has a new name now lol)

Just enjoying the beach itself

A day out on a yacht

5 star seafood restaurants

5 star Italian restaurants

Touring the art deco area of South Beach

A night out at one of the top night clubs in the area

New Orleans

I cannot wait to see this area. I want to see all the tombs and the graves. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully I get to see one of their famous line procession parades.

I also know this is an area with amazing foods and delicacies. I need all the Oysters, and Creole 

Cooking and experiences yall can give me.


I absolutely must visit and enjoy The French Quarter!

Seeking a
Dubai Suitor

Seeking a SPECIAL and generous suitor who is interested in an exclusive relationship. An experience where you provide financial security for me and fly me to you or you fly to me for a weekly visit once every 60 days. Due to my family I cannot leave more often than that. So if you’re a gentleman in Dubai who loves thick chocolate beauties..let’s discuss this arrangement. 

Here’s a list of some more places I am excited to visit. Some I have already been to, some I have not. But these are places that I welcome touring to , or even better that I would love a Fly Me to You trip arrangement to.

They are:

Boston Mass

NYC: Manhattan

Los Angeles

San Juan , Puerto Rico



Barcelona, Spain 

Minneapolis MN

Fargo ND

Philadelphia PA


Italy has always been a dream of mine. In fact I have a plan that includes me finding the finances to afford a lovely little seaside cottage that will be where I hope to die watching the waves and enjoying a great plate of pasta and a lavish, flavorful wine. However , while I still

Have life and breath these are places I’d love to see and experience if you should decide to have me join you in Italy.

This place is simply iconic. I mean who wouldn’t want to see this. I am a huge fan of The ancient Gods, and ancient civilizations. I’d love nothing more than to see where the Gladiators fought while the crowds cheered.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore:
As an artist , I simply love architecture and this historical church has some of the most simple, yet beautiful that I have ever seen. I can already see you and I together strolling past and taking in the history of the beautiful building.


Trevi Fountain:
Again this is all about the splendor and the architecture. It is simply stunning and I would relish an opportunity to see it and touch it with my own eyes and hands. I can imagine the perfect, quiet trickle as we speak while the gentle breeze moves my hair.


Leaning Tower of Pisa:
I have wanted to see it ever since learning about it as a child. After all it is one of the wonders of the world! This treasure is an absolute must on my things to do.

Of course while in italy I must ,must enjoy all of the cuisine it has to offer!  Here’s a link to help you plan our hotel stay in Italy


I am a huge fan of the history and culture of Britain. I love historic based shows and movies. Two of my favorites The Tudors and The Crown. I also understand from friends of mine that London gents love robust BBW beauties such as myself. So it’s a no brainer that I visit this lovely place. So much history and so many beautiful structures.. 

Places I’d love to see while there

Big Ben:
We had a huge grandfather clock in my home growing up that played the chime song from this iconic clock. I must see this and hear it in person.

Coca-Cola London Eye:
I don’t know as much about this but some of my childhood friends have visited and seen it and have told me I must do it. Hey, lol.. They have known me my whole life so I trust the suggestion.

Tower of London:
It’s a castle for Pete’s sake. What lady doesn’t want to visit a true castle. No Disney Princess Castle for me thanks, let’s you and I go and visit a real one together. Be my Prince Charming for the day or the week!

Tower Bridge:
While the good Ole USA has some interesting bridges.. They simply do not come close to this. The architecture, the beauty. This bridge is absolutely magnificent and I’d love to stand in sheer awe of it.

Some hotels I’d love to stay at in London:

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

The Ritz London

The w14 Kensington Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity



I will admit as an American who has not yet visited, the only things I know of Japan are how amazing the lighting and culture appears. I have had friends who were in the Military tell me that

It is an amazing place to visit. I would love nothing more than to take in and experience all it has to offer. In doing some research I found these are places I should definitely see.


Senso-Ji ( This one really interest me, it’s a Historic Temple to a Goddess, let’s do this please)

Tokyo Tower

Meiji Jingu ( A beautiful shrine with a garden. So gorgeous also a must see for me)



Hotels Id love in Tokyo:

Aman Tokyo

InterContinental -ANA Tokyo

Hotel and Residence Roppongi

Hotel East 21 Tokyo


Hotels I’d love when in Greece:

Hotel Grande Bretagne

Royal Olympic Hotel

Melia Athens

Wyndham Grand Athens

Athens Greece

This place along with Italy are my top two dream places. Things I have to see before I leave this planet! For me Greek Mythology is just something I have always loved and been so interested in.  I cannot wait to be kissed by the sand and water or the Mediteranean Sea. The history, 

The Architecture.. I just cannot think of a more beautiful place to visit.

While there I must see

Acropolis of Athens:
I mean this dates back to Before Christ , 5th century. Absolutely amazing! its  breathtaking in images. Yes please to this as a date.

I want to just stand there in the sheer power of it while I imagine the Gods and Goddesses.  Just would be a life changing experience for me hands down.

This one sounds quite intriguing and interesting to me. Acropolis temples and family run tavernas. I like it!

Temple of the Olympian Zeus:
Does this really need any explanation as to why a person , like me who loves Mythology would want to experience this? Im sure it doesn’t …. I simply must see this!

I am your perfect Fly Me to You Companion!

In fact those are the arrangements I prefer. I want to be the part of your travels that you find irresistible and most memorable. Whether for 2 days or an entire week, I promise you an experience that will make you feel like king of the world.

What are you waiting for … Bring me to you baby!


5 ft tall

Weight 180 ibs

Measurements: 40dd-36-42

USA shoe size 6.5 or 7 

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