apple crisp

You are the business traveler, the widower, or even the single gent who is tired of

spending his nights alone. I am glad you are considering me as your companion to share

your entire evening with you.  This package includes dinner, ( maybe dancing and a movie too, whatever

you enjoy) and all the “bells and whistles” you can imagine. You can express to me

what color and style of lingerie you’d love me to pack as well as expect to feel truly

like I am yours for the evening. ( Please note I will need sleep time included)

We get up in the morning and enjoy breakfast together. I provide you with a relaxing

morning massage and then we part ways. This session is anywhere from  6 hours to 8 hours, rates

for this and all my packages can be found here.


Chefs Package

I show you my kitchen talents while dressed in some beautiful, classy and sensual lingerie. Or in a sexy dress whichever you prefer.  Let’s turn on the music and enjoy some wine or whiskey while I cook a meal fit for a king. What better way to get to know each other before we have each other for dessert.  ( you supply the supplies for the meal) This package usually falls between 4 to 6 hours of time together or can be included in the overnight rate.



Other time frames of 3 and 5 hours as well as MONTHLY Exclusive arrangements are available.

To discuss these situations please email me privately at DELILAHDUSANTE@GMAIL.COM


desert sampler

Fly Me to You Packages are a minimum of 4 hours and include:


my 4 hour rate along with  you also covering all travel expenses and lodging. Meals we share are expected to be provided

at your expense. Please book Fly Me to You engagements 2-3 weeks in advance.


Bespoke arrangements with one of the Top BBW companions.

I prefer these arrangements as my goal is to be exclusive and to only meet with a small amount of “friends”

Full 24 hours 2,500. 

2 days 4,500

3 days 5,500

Week together 10,000

Want a truly exclusive arrangement?

Let’s speak privately about it.

As a true courtesan, a lady of sensual passion and of intellectual knowledge I enjoy longer meetings.

I do not find pleasure in shorter or rushed meetings. Due to this I will not meet those seeking

anything under 2 hour interludes.

cherry pie

Are you a gentlemen who cannot commit to a longer multi-hour or weekend getaway but who does value building a comfortable rapport with your date?  This is the package for you. We meet at my incall or you arrange for my transportation to your place. This date includes one hour social time and one hour of “private” time. This package does not include the option for outfit requests or fetish addition. This package is 2 hours.

pineapple tart

For the gentlemen who wants to really enjoy a lovely day or evening together, but still cannot

commit to an overnight.  Let’s get together my love and share some good music ( to see what

types of music I enjoy click here), and some great food and laughter. Once we have finished

this portion of the evening it’s time for us get to the “sweet” part of our time together.

Let’s settle in, prepare to cuddle and see where our imagination and passion leads us.

(This package is 4 hours)



Weekend trips for those of you who simply hate vacationing or staycationing alone.

This is for the gentleman who needs and craves a more bespoke experience and who loves

and appreciates truly spoiling his courtesan. On weekend trips it is preferred that you

provide my transportation and lodging. Please provide only a very upscale room and board

for my stay. I am also alright with a weekend at your lovely residential home AFTER vetting you

and proving you are safe and that you live alone.  On weekend trips it is required

that you have planned outdoor, out of room or home activities. I prefer to not be cooped up

in the house or hotel for 2-3 days at a time. Let’s really get to know each other

and enjoy the town. We can go see all that the city has to offer, visit beaches, museums go

to the Opera or a show. I truly enjoy outings and have a wide variety of clothes, evening

gowns and can fit well into any situation. This is the plus side of choosing an intelligent,mature

,educated companion. I will fill your weekend with wit, laughs, massage, great company and a few

other “great” things and “desert” options that we best not discuss too much here ( wink)

To see what I enjoy in and out of the bedroom click here

Weekend trips must be planned in advance , at least 2 weeks in advance.


Nerd’s Candy

I am a huge space related, Science Fiction Fan. I love Horror movies as well ( not Gore please, intelligent Horror)

But if you are a Nerd too who enjoys Star Wars, The Skywalker’s and the Palpatine’s as much as me. Or maybe Star Trek with Kirk and Spock and colorful alien women is more your speed.. let’s cozy up with some nice drinks and snacks and watch and debate.

Is there any better way to enjoy a marathon of the greatest Sci- Fi saga’s anywhere than with a beautiful woman who get’s it?

4 hours no bedroom play $450

4 hours with private time $800

Overnight Sci Fi Marathon 1,500

I am your perfect Fly Me to You Companion!

In fact those are the arrangements I prefer. I want to be the part of your travels that you find irresistible and most memorable. Whether for 2 days or an entire week, I promise you an experience that will make you feel like king of the world.

What are you waiting for … Bring me to you baby!


5 ft tall

Weight 180 ibs

Measurements: 40dd-36-42

USA shoe size 6.5 or 7 

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